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REUSABLE CLOTH PAD for Urinary incontinence or menstrual

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GNARAN Reusable cloth pad for Urinary incontinence or menstrual– WING TYPE



Switching to washable cotton pads might be a big change from just throwing away used disposable pads or tampons.
but using Gnaran is extreamly comfortable and healthier. you will find them not only comfortable but also odour-free. Wearing them doesn’t cause any itchiness too. Most of woman who have been using our menstrual pads for years say the idea of going back to disposables is unimaginable.

*Non irritating 100% pure cotton contains absolutely no chemicals; this innovative sanitary napkin will not cause itchiness, stinging sensation, festering, or odor even after long hours of wear.
*It is an environmentally friendly product which can be used for 2 – 3 years when washed.
*It is crucial to use pure cotton sanitary napkins that come in direct contact with skin. Cotton has great air permeability, is highly absorbent, and soft to the touch, which does not irritate allergic, sensitive, and atopic dermatitis affect skin.
*It is safe to use due to the waterproof layer which is also made with cotton.

│ Wing Type Features │

- Those concerned about leakage on days with heavy flow or rigorous activity.
- Independently fixed wings ; by adopting the patented independent type fixed-wing only by Gnaran, There is no worry about movement.
- The edges have thin finish for slimmer and comfortable wear.
- The form widens toward the hips for comfortable cover
- Size : small, medium, large, overnight, ultra overnight

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GNARAN Reusable pure cotton sanitary napkins _ WING TYPE

GNARAN Reusable pure cotton sanitary napkins _ WING TYPE

GNARAN Reusable pure cotton sanitary napkins _ WING TYPE