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CLOTH PANTYLINER for Urinary incontinence,virginal discharge

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Gnaran reusable cloth pantyliner for urinary incontinence, daily virginal discharge


│ Description & Features │

○ Feminine product suitable for the well-being trend
- Disposable pantyliner: Generally developed using polyethylene film, high molecule absorbers
- Cotton pantyliner: 100% pure cotton; pantyliner contains no chemical ingredients, and can be washed just like any other lingerie for around 1 – 2 years of use. Unlike disposable types, no symptoms of itchiness, stinging, or festering occurs even after hours of wear

○ It is a new concept reusable cotton pantyliner essential for women of all ages
- There is a high ratio of women that wear pantyliners each day
- The price is relatively low, which makes purchasing easy
- The user class is wide, including teens to all women of childbearing years, and also for women in the middle to old age for urinary incontinence

○ Washing is simple
- Simple washing just as you would with any lingerie, thus there is no concern for washing even if the pantyliner is reusable

○ It is very thin and convenient, and is extremely absorbent
- It is very slim so does not show, and its perfect waterproof quality makes leaking impossible.

│ Target Segment │

- Age target : Women that use disposable pantyliners daily and middle aged women experiencing inconvenience due to urinary incontinence
- Women with sensitive skin that are having difficulty using disposable pantyliners
- Women suffering from uterine disease

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Gnaran Reusable Cotton Pantyliner

Gnaran Reusable Cotton Pantyliner

Gnaran Reusable Cotton Pantyliner